31 August 2011

For my beautiful boy

Time is passing us by so quickly, you and I. Already you are so independent and determined, and you are only 18 months old.

Your silly, sentimental Mummy is creating this blog for you and I to read when you are grown up and don't need me around so much. I will write about the major events in our lives, as well as our normal day to day activities. (They are exciting adventures to us but will sound boring to other people. That's because those people are not as much fun as we are!)

You are changing and doing new things everyday. You amaze me constantly with new tricks or funny habits. Today you learnt to say 'money' and that you get a ticket (receipt) in a shop. You liked the ticket more than the toy we bought. These are the little things I want to remember. These are the things I want you to be proud of when you are a man and you look back on our life together. You are my whole world Harry. You carry my heart around with you. Remember that, when you are a headstrong teenager who shouts at his mother.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I love you to the stars and back.

Mummy xxx

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