18 September 2012

I'm mad at you...

This blog was created so that we could look back on your life when you're older. I don't want you to look back and think it was all rainbows and flying unicorns. Yes, you are really cute and lovely but just recently, you have taken to throwing the worst temper tantrums ever. Today, you almost got run over because of your temper. Mummy nearly had a heart attack before shouting at you and then breaking down in tears about what very nearly happened.

We live on a somewhat busy road and you ran into it before I could grab you. We were very lucky that at that minute, there were absolutely no cars. That is rare for our road, unless it is the middle of the night or a Sunday morning.

I have no idea what the tantrum was even about. Something to do with your bike but I don't even think you were completely sure. This is the fourth major tantrum since last Thursday. I suppose we have been lucky to get away with it until you were two and a half.

I may be cross with you but I gave you extra cuddles and kisses this afternoon. Thinking about what could have happened makes my heart skip a beat.

I just want you to be safe Harry. So you can kick and scream all you want, but next time you WILL be in a safe place, despite your protests.

Your back-pack with the strap for me to hold is going on back on you when we go out tomorrow.

Please let this be a short phase in your life....

Love you to the stars you naughty little boy! xxx

14 September 2012

Saying Goodbye and Good luck!

So, that's it. Uncle Kyle has left to go and live with Auntie Nicki in Dubai. We had an emotional goodbye yesterday. You looked so worried for a split second when everyone was getting upset, but then you were more concerned with the Ipad. It's good, in a way, that you don't really understand what's going on because it would probably make it that bit harder for everyone.

For reference, things I have learnt about Dubai in the last few weeks:
- It is not a country, but an Emirate which makes up the United Arab Emirates (I am ashamed I didn't know this as a Geography geek...)
- It is 3 hours ahead
- It takes 6.5 hours to fly there, longer on the way back
- It is spread along the coast
- In the summer the beach is deserted because it is just too hot to be out there and the sea is warm like a bath

Things I have learnt about my brother, (Uncle Kyle), in the last few weeks:
- He is very brave to move to another continent, country and culture.
- He loves Nicki, not just with his heart, but his entire soul. He would follow her to end of the Earth. If you want to see true love, there is no better example. It's right there.
- He is a VERY good liar. He suprised Nicki in the most wonderful way by flying out early. I heard him on the phone and saw him laying false trails on Facebook.... Makes me wonder what he lied about when we were younger...

We will miss them both more than any words here could ever express. BUT... they have a chance to start a better life out there, a better life that will lead them back here one day. This will be the making of them.

 They'll be home for visits and will spoil you rotten no doubt! We can talk to them on the phone and on Skype and we will see lots of photos of them. The flight over there is shorter than the drive down to Devon, (granted we did have a traffic jam and a break down...), so hopefully we can visit as well.

So we'll be sad for a while and miss them lots but it's not like they'll be away forever. I can't wait to hear all about their adventures!