26 July 2013

Disneyland Paris

There's something so magical about Disney. It can transport you back to your childhood immediately, bringing back happy memories. The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast do it for me and I still proudly know all the words to the songs. It's amazing how children can enjoy Disney films just as much as their parents did years earlier, without needing any explanations or encouragement.

There's something even more magical about visiting Disneyland. You can just feel the excitement in the air.

We went to Disneyland Paris for four days last week. During a heatwave. 36C to be precise. You could feel more than excitement in the air. A mix of the humidity, sweat and the tension from families about to snap. We snapped, a few times actually, but it was quickly dispelled by the magic that is Disney.

We had a BRILLIANT time.

They say that pictures speak louder than words so I'll let the photos tell the story:
(Click on the photos to make them larger)
Harrys first flight
Mummy and Harry

A kiss from Mickey Mouse

Great view of the parade from Emilys shoulders
Favourite characters

Meeting Gaston from Beaty and the Beast.
Star Wars!
Hispster toddler with your shades and Starbucks
Hotel Cheyenne - felt just like the wild west with the heat
Dinner at Planet Hollywood
Mummys well earned reward after walking miles in the heat
We stayed in Hotel Cheyenne which is a Disney hotel. It was stunning. It felt just like the wild west, especially because it was so hot. We had passes to both parks, Disneyland and Disney Studios. We clocked up a lot miles in the two parks and the Disney Village and my feet paid a hefty price. All totally worth it to see the look on your face when you met your favourite characters. You were so pleased to get a kiss from Mickey Mouse.

And the light show... Oh, it was just breathtaking. I honestly couldn't begin to describe how amazing it was. I wouldn't do it justice. Let's just say it was worth waiting around until 11pm for it (and getting there early to get a good spot - thanks for the tip Vic!).

The only reason we could go is because of your Grandma and we love her so much. Thank you Grandma!

You have more adventures to come in August with a trip to Centre Parcs with me and a camping trip with Daddy. You are one lucky, lucky boy Harry. Enjoy every minute!