23 December 2012

It's nearly Christmas!!!!

It's Christmas Eve, Eve. Only a few hours until Christmas eve and Christmas day is within reaching distance. I can't believe how quickly it has come around. We are all ready for Christmas in this house. Presents are wrapped, cinnamon buns are baked, The Snowman has been watched and everything is ready to be shipped to Grandmas house. That's where we will be spending Christmas this year.

This is the sleigh ride at the Co-op. It's been there for decades and I went on it as a child. We finally got to ride it together. Mummy was far too emotional.

Not keen on this Father Christmas...

Look at my snowman jumper!!

Our stockings

Christmas Eve is my favourite day. There is so much excitement building. I remember feeling as if I was going to burst with excitement when I was younger. Watching cheesy Christmas films, eating peanuts and sweets, putting out milk and a mince pie. I remember every year asking my Mum and Dad how on Earth Father Christmas could get into our house when we didn't have a proper fireplace. (He has a special key for these circumstances, if anyone was wondering). It's so magical. I hope the day is special and magical for you Harry, especially as you grow up and start to understand it more.

Have a wonderful Christmas my beautiful boy. xxx