8 February 2013

Happy Birthday Harry!

                 Today is your third birthday!

Some photos and a video of your third birthday:

4D movie

Holding hands with lots of Harrys.

With your light saber from Jess. Best picture I could get as you wouldn't stay still.
We went to the Sealife centre in Birmingham for your birthday. Your favourite thing about it was the hall of mirrors. Nothing to do with fish at all. You spent about an hour in there. I had great fun watching people walk into their own reflections. Here's a video of what you did in there, for a whole hour...

This time three years ago, we'd only just met you. Hard to believe that as I can't imagine life without you now. You're becoming such a lovely little boy and you're definitely not my baby anymore. No nappies, no dummies, nothing left of your baby days. It makes me a little sad but also really excited about how much you're growing and learning. We've got lots of adventures to come and I can't wait!

Happy birthday Harry! xxx