31 August 2011

The first time I saw you, I knew that I loved you

Just in case you are worried, this is not a birth story. There is no way I would torture you with information about your Mothers, ahem, lady bits.

I will however, tell you that your birth was traumatic for both me and your Dad. I swelled up like a balloon in the days leading up to it due to pre-eclampsia. I was rushed into the high dependency unit, induced and then you were there. Not really screaming, just kind of whimpering, like you weren't expecting to be there. The nurse wrapped you up and handed you to me and thats when I knew I would do anything for you. I would move mountains and cross oceans for you.

You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and you were mine. I made you and you are my greatest accomplishment. My finest work of art. My Harryboo.

'I love you, Harryboo. Harry Harry Harry Harry Harryboo, ooo ohhh Harry. You're my Haryboo-oo-oo'
Adapted from Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly

This is what your Dad and I would sing to you to get you to sleep in the early days. It was your Dads fault. He used to sing it to your sister and then changed it for you.

It's actually a song from a very good film called Peggy Sue got married. You should watch it when you're older Harry. You'll like it.

Mummy x

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