19 October 2012

Watch what you're saying...

'Oh my God, you soooooooooo annoying Mummy!'

This is what you said to me yesterday when I was trying to get your clothes on. There are many reasons why I should've told you off for talking to me like that but I couldn't help it. I laughed harder than I thought I could. And then you laughed and gave me your cheekiest grin.

With your speech developing so quickly at the moment, I have to very careful with what I am saying around you. I didn't realise how often I said 'Oh my God' but it must be a lot if you've picked up on it. Other variations of the above include:

'Oh my God, where's my dinner?' and,
'Oh my god, not bed time yet!'

I will make every effort in future to say 'Oh my goodness' instead, however old fashioned that makes me sound.

This is to add to the list of your favourites which at the moment consists of:
'Pack it in!'
'I'm watching you...'
'That's so annoying'

While we're on the topic of things being annoying....
This must be something I say a lot too because you keep saying it about everything. And I must apologise to Katy from 'I can cook' on CBeebies. I've said a few times that I think she is annoying and now you shout it at her when she comes on screen. Sorry Katy.

 You are saying the funniest, cutest and cleverest things at the moment. I wish I could film every single one.
You told me that your forehead is called your one head, (which makes perfect sense), but I wasn't prepared for you to tell the Dr the same thing yesterday. Dr Nagra thought you were very funny.

You have appointment for speech therapy on Monday as the health visitor thinks you need some help pronouncing some sounds. I can't wait to hear what you come out with after a little help.

 Oh, and please don't tell the speech therapist that she is annoying, or that you 'hate her toys', or thats 'its boring'. Mummys face will go redder than your favourite red jumper...

Some recent pictures...

Climbing far too high and giving Mummy and Grandma a heart attack
Climbing trees

Tired, grumpy but still beautiful

Sorry Mummy...
Love you the most my little dude xxx