31 August 2011

2010 - The best and the worst year of my life

I can't write a blog about your life without mentioning some of the bad times. There were some very bad times in your early life. You were the sunlight that got everyone through it. You were my rock, my strength and my guiding light, and you weren't even a year old.

You see, 2010 was a mixed year. It was the year you were born and the year I became a Mummy. It was also the year your Grandad died.

Grandad was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2009. I had just found out that you were a boy the week before. No one was prouder when they first met you than your Grandad. You could see the pride all over his face. It was like he had won the lottery. He was terribly ill the whole time you knew him but he always, ALWAYS made time for you. He would sit and watch you lying on your activity mat for hours, laughing at your little noises and squeaks. He liked to call you Harold. Mummy did NOT like that.

As you were quickly learning new skills everyday, Grandad seemed to lose his. He got weaker as you grew stronger. He grew quiet as you found your voice. You gave him slobbery kisses when he no longer could. You didn't see the pain and suffering that we did. You saw your Grandad. Your amazing, caring, loving and cherished Grandad. And that was what gave Grandad his strength.

When Grandad passed away, you were the light for everybody. You held us up. Without you, life would have been very dark in those following weeks.

You didn't do anything extraordinary. You were there. You were smiling. You needed feeding, changing, playing with. You showed us that life has to continue, even after one of the brightest lights in the sky has dissapeared. You cast a new light over us, one that I will follow for as long as it shines.

Mummy xxx

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