26 November 2012

My little rockstar, in a snowman jumper.

You're going to be so annoyed with me when you're older... ah well, here you are rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody on your guitar whilst wearing a snowman jumper. I'll be very surprised if you're not in a band of some sort when you're older, hopefully still rocking the Christmas knitwear.

Enjoy! It gets really good at about 0:40...

 Love you, my little rockstar!

P.s. Christmas is coming.... watch this space!

9 November 2012

Autumn 2012 - Leaf piles, Potty training and listening to Queen

I think my love of Autumn may be rubbing off on you. We both got a little bit too excited yesterday when we saw a huge pile of leaves that we could kick our way through in the park. And we did, lots. We were the only ones there because everyone else seems a little afraid of the cold. We had red noses and fingers like ice by the time we left but we were warm and happy on the inside. (You also slept like a log for over an hour and let me enjoy my coffee and trashy magazine in peace. Going out in the cold has many benefits...)

Aside from finding leaves in every possible colour imaginable, we have also been potty training. You have absolutely astounded me with how quickly you have learnt to use the potty/toilet. The first day was tricky, for both of us, but after the first day of wee-wee's everywhere, you just got it. You tell me when you need to go and you are almost dry at night too. We are slowly venturing out without a pull-up on. It's highly likely that you wouldn't have an accident but Mummy is still a bit scared. Silly, I know!

 I am so proud of you Harry. You continue to surprise me with how quickly you are growing up. I felt very sad yesterday that you are now wearing size 3-4 year clothes. That soon disappeared when I realised that means I can go shopping for you. (Although I'm not sure H&M actually have anymore stripy tops that I haven't already bought!)

And now we move onto Queen. Your new favourite band. I know Uncle Tom will be proud of you and hopefully a few other people will enjoy this video.

No doubt my next post will probably be about Christmas. I've already begun infusing our house with Christmas related things. A book called 'The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas' arrived today. A truly disgusting but totally festive book which is exactly as it's title describes. I would thouroughly recommend it. (It helps that it's written by Mcfly, experts at childrens literature and making me weak at the knees, so it seems).
I have also started Christmas crafting. It's like a disease. Once you start cutting felt, you can't stop. I will get you involved this year, you have no choice!

Happy Autumn my darling xxxx