16 September 2011

2 minutes in your head* HOME EDITION

I imagine that 2 minutes inside your head goes a little like this:

- Need to press buttons on remote control
- How far can I throw this ball?
- Forget that, I'll throw it at Mummys face
- She looks cross. That's funny.
- Repeat
- I've got to hide
- Oh, I've found some dust
- Need to press buttons on remote control
- I'm hungry,
- I don't want this banana
- I'm thirsty
- I wonder if I can spit this out?
- Take me upstairs
- What are we doing up here? TAKE ME DOWNSTAIRS NOW!
- Need to press buttons on remote control
- I need to chew something, where's Mummys keys?
- Oh, I forgot I had a nose
- Why have I got two socks on? MUST. TAKE. ONE. OFF.
- Need to press buttons on remote control
- Throw remote control at the TV when it won't work

(*idea stolen from another blog)

10 September 2011

Time for a picture

You were a little bit poorly today but still managed to chase the ducks in Kenilworth. 
My brave little welly boot soldier

7 September 2011

Tummy aches and raincoats

I hate it when you are poorly. You can't tell me what hurts or how I can make you feel better. You cry like you're wondering why I'm not doing anything to help you.
Today we had a breakthrough. You lay on my lap, pointed to your tummy and said.... 'sore... sore...' in the saddest little voice I've ever heard.
If it wasn't so damn cute, I probably would've gotten your medicine a little bit quicker.

I finally got you a raincoat this week, after driving Grandma crazy, telling her what I did and didn't want you to wear. You are still little and can't argue about what I dress you in so I am making the most of that. You can tell me off when you are older and you see this picture. I think it looks amazing!

Mummy xxx

3 September 2011

Time for a picture

You are so beautiful Harry. I know you are a boy so I should say you are handsome but you are so much more than that. I think you might just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Mummy xxx

And so, the weekend begins

This morning I have time to shower, have my breakfast and come on the computer without having to watch the Summer song on the Cbeebies website. It's because you are not here.

You spend the weekends with your Dad and half sister Ellie. I spend my weekends catching up with sleep and missing you terribly. I wonder what you are doing, how you are feeling and if you're missing me.
I know you have a wonderful time with Daddy and Ellie. You visit lots of family and friends, eat lovely food and play lots of fun games.

When you come home on Sunday, the kiss and cuddle you give me is the best feeling in the world. That's when I know you have missed me.

I hope you are having fun this weekend my beautiful boy.

Mummy xxx

1 September 2011

Time for a picture

You and I in Grandmas garden. One of your favourite places.
A trampoline, a slide and lots of balls. What more could a boy need?

My name is MUMMY!

You think it's hysterical. I think it is the worst thing that I have ever heard you say.

Today you called me Laura.

I keep telling you,
"No, say Mummy"
You laugh and say,
"...aura... hehe!"

Then I laugh because it is a little bit funny.

Funny little boy!

Mummy x