21 January 2012

Grandad, a true gent

I keep trying to write this post. I want to tell you about your Grandad, my Dad, more than anything but it's difficult to find the words. There is a whole childhood of memories to remember. To put that into words is no easy task. Then there are the teenage years when I thought I knew best, and the grown up years when I realised that, actually, Dad did know best. I don't know if this post is to tell you about your Grandad, or a therapy session for me. Either way, here it is.

Your Grandad.

Grandad had 3 tattoos. They were a constant source of ridicule. Weird place to start when describing your Grandad I know, but appearances are important.
On his chest was a rose where the name of an ex-girlfriend had been blacked out. On his left arm was a naked lady with a snake covering her bits. On his right arm was an eagle that had been drawn by a friend. It looked more like a pigeon. All considered epic fails I'm afraid. Let this be a lesson to you Harry, tattoos will be regretted at a later date...
Grandad could look quite intimidating with his tattoos but he was a big softy at heart. He was a church warden, ran numerous charity events and would help anyone if he could. That's why so many people describe him as being 'a true gent'.

Your Grandad loved darts. And he wasn't too bad at it either. He was always nagging us to go and watch him play but we always said it too boring. We should've gone to watch. I think we would have been proud. His dart board is still in the kitchen at Grandmas house.Uncle Kyle will teach you to play on it one day. Mummy will stand at a safe distance!

It's hard to remember the times before Grandad was poorly. Looking at photographs help, like the photos of him with a moustache and a mullet in the 1980's. You have this picture of Grandad pulling a silly face in a frame by your bed. It always makes me smile. 

Grandad liked Ska music, especially The Specials. You quite like bopping along to some of their songs. We'll have to listen to more of them.

DIY was Grandads other talent. He was really good at decorating houses and generally fixing things. Mummy has needed a few things fixing just lately and I really wish I could call him and ask him to sort it out. He would huff and puff about it, but he would get the job done.

Grandad wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination. He smoked, had no patience with us children and spent way to much time on the computer. His favourite dinners were faggots and Fray Bentos pies which I'm sure are designed to induce heart attacks. He used to get mayonaise all over his face when eating a kebab after a night out and his nose would whistle when he breathed out of it. But if these were his only flaws, he didn't do too badly. 

What you should know is that your sister Ellie changed my Dad. We already know that she is an amazing little girl but her coming into Grandads life captured his heart. With Ellie in his life, he became even more determined to help others. This wonderful child with an extra chromosome brought out the best in my Dad.

And then there was you....

You were one of his proudest moments. Because he was poorly, he didn't feed or change you, or even hold you very much but you could feel his love for you. It was in his eyes.

There are so many other things you need to know about your Grandad, things that your family will tell you about as you grow up. He will always be a part of you Harry and I know he is proud of you. He always will be. Unless you refuse to support Manchester United of course...

Mummy x

9 January 2012


You've finally learnt to smile for the camera! This is just a post to show how cheesy you are.

This is by far the cheesiest pic I've ever seen!