7 May 2013

You are what you eat

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We've had an opportunity to review a product from Walkers crisps this week. Anyone who knows me well knows of my absolute addiction to crisps. Hands down, my favourite snack or evening nibble. Of course I jumped at the chance to review these new bad boys.

But actually, it got me thinking about what you eat and your favourite foods. I thought it was high time I blogged it so I can see how your tastes change over time.

Your current favourite foods are (in no particular order...)

- Pasta. In any shape or form. You'll literally consume anything that has pasta in it. You even tried to eat uncooked spaghetti last week. I don't think you'll try that again in a hurry.

- Chicken nuggets/goujons/dippers. No explanation needed, you are three years old after all.

- Cheese and bean toasties or 'Brevilles' as we call them in our family. (Don't even ask why, it's ridiculous)

- Soup. A recent addition, only with a bread roll though.

- Any fruit. You'd eat fruit all day long if you could. Vegetables are not so welcome on your plate. Again, no explanation needed, you are three years old.

I wonder how much this will change over the years. Daddy is always trying new foods with you so I'm sure there will be a few additions to this list as the years go on.


And so, our review:

Our lovely package arrived with a cheeky little surprise. Monty the monkey has been a big hit. I even had to 'feed' him a banana before bed tonight. (The things we do to get our kids to go to sleep!)
As well as monty, we received a nice little book which was informative for Mummy and had nice pictures for you.

Now, the main part of the package was Walkers new Hoops and Crosses crisps, roast beef flavour, yum! I'll admit I was dubious about how they would taste with them being 'healthy' crisps. They are made from wholegrains with no artificial colours or presevatives which is great for tummies but not usually great for taste.

I'll put my hands up - I was wrong.

You loved these crisps. You said they were 'nice and tasty' which is the best review you will get out of a three year old. The fact that you ate most of them shows that you enjoyed them. The hoops and crosses shapes were a nice change as well, although you called the hoops 'circles' and the crosses 'x's. If you had a packed lunch at preschool, I'd definitely pack them for you.

Mummy tried them too. I was very surprised by how much they reminded me of Monster Munch! They are slightly drier than Monster Munch but with only 84 calories, they are much more compatible with my never ending diet. In fact, they make a nice change to my usual low fat crisps so I am keen to try the other flavours, Prawn cocktail and Salt and Vinegar. And Auntie Emily can eat them because they are suitable for vegetarians.

All in all, lots of flavour + lots of crisps in the packet = happy Harry and happy Mummy!

We've had fun reviewing this and I hope we get the opportunity to do more things like this through the blog. Maybe next time we could review a new toy or a theme park or a beach in Australia.... I'll keep on dreaming... x

6 May 2013

H&M, haircuts and sunshine

The weather has been amazing this past week. The first four months of the year were a huge dissapointment in terms of weather. It was cold, wet and we had an unusually large amount of snow. I was beginning to get sick of hoodies, jeans, coats and woolly hats. And that was a big problem in this house. You see, Mummy has a bit of an issue with your clothes. I am very very fussy about how I dress you which is actually a great big pain in the bum. I'd love to just pull anything out of the drawers and dress you in it. I can't. I need help.

I like stripes. No, I LOVE stripes. And I like you in slim fitting jeans. And your socks have to match your outfit. It's a nightmare.

I blame H&M really. They make too many nice clothes for not a lot of money. Here's a snapshot of your wardrobe.

We had to get your haircut last week. It was really warm and you were all sweaty. You looked like you'd been dunked in a swimming pool! You looked so grown up when it was done and so much like your Daddy. You've even got freckles like him too. Those freckles on you cheeks and nose are so damn cute, I want to kiss each and every one of them! (I won't, don't worry).

Your new haircut and another H&M puchase, this one you chose for yourself.

You've also been on the Kindle again. This was the result:

So lets just hope this sunshine continues so we can get some wear out of all those shorts I insist that you need. You'll look even more stylish with your new haircut as well. Such a little cutie.


P.s. We got sent a little something in the post this week to review for the blog. Exciting times! Watch this space to see what it is and what we think of it.