25 August 2012

Summer time

It's summer and we are making the most of it. The best way of showing what we've been up to is with pictures. I'll point out now that you are getting rather annoyed at me constantly asking you to say 'Cheeeese!' I actually don't know why I ask you to say that because you pull the most hideous face when you do!

Trampoline, now long gone...

Poundshop pavement chalks - lifesaver


Beautiful boy on holiday in Devon

Rock climbing in your new dinosaur shoes

Cheesy cheese face at the beach

'Tell me to say cheese one more time. I dare you...'

More numbers

Now an expert on your balance bike

Pool time at Grandmas house with your aunties

It's been a busy summer, with lots of changes. Your Auntie Jessica has finished at primary school and will be going to secondary school in September. It won't affect you very much but it's a big step for her. Seeing your happy face waiting for her in the car after school will help enormously. We'll be there Jess, waiting to hear all about it.
Your Auntie Nicki left in April for better and brighter things in Dubai. She has a fantastic job and a brilliant career ahead of her out there. We are all so proud of her. But of course we miss her like crazy. You've had a moment or two when you've felt sad and said 'want see Icki'. You've spoken to her on Skype and Uncle Kyle told you she was trapped in the phone. You found that highly amusing! Kyle will be joining her in less than a month. This is not something Mummy can write about easily and probably deserves it's own blog post. It's a big change for us all.

When school starts again, it means it is nearly Autumn. Autumn is when the leaves change colour, the nights get darker and our pyjamas get cosier. I won't lie, I love Autumn and Winter. There's excitement in new school uniforms, thinking about Halloween costumes, pumpkins, fireworks and CHRISTMAS!  (It's written in capitals because I am so excited for 'it' but it's small because I don't want to alarm anyone else reading by reminding them of 'it's' approach)

I can't wait for some Autumn adventures with you Harry. Although I expect a lot of them will be potty training related. Do you really have to grow up? Nappies and your dummies are the last remaining baby traits and I'm not keen to give them up yet.

Love you Harry..... ( 'I know, Mummy!' is what you've started to reply to that).

Mummy xxx