6 May 2013

H&M, haircuts and sunshine

The weather has been amazing this past week. The first four months of the year were a huge dissapointment in terms of weather. It was cold, wet and we had an unusually large amount of snow. I was beginning to get sick of hoodies, jeans, coats and woolly hats. And that was a big problem in this house. You see, Mummy has a bit of an issue with your clothes. I am very very fussy about how I dress you which is actually a great big pain in the bum. I'd love to just pull anything out of the drawers and dress you in it. I can't. I need help.

I like stripes. No, I LOVE stripes. And I like you in slim fitting jeans. And your socks have to match your outfit. It's a nightmare.

I blame H&M really. They make too many nice clothes for not a lot of money. Here's a snapshot of your wardrobe.

We had to get your haircut last week. It was really warm and you were all sweaty. You looked like you'd been dunked in a swimming pool! You looked so grown up when it was done and so much like your Daddy. You've even got freckles like him too. Those freckles on you cheeks and nose are so damn cute, I want to kiss each and every one of them! (I won't, don't worry).

Your new haircut and another H&M puchase, this one you chose for yourself.

You've also been on the Kindle again. This was the result:

So lets just hope this sunshine continues so we can get some wear out of all those shorts I insist that you need. You'll look even more stylish with your new haircut as well. Such a little cutie.


P.s. We got sent a little something in the post this week to review for the blog. Exciting times! Watch this space to see what it is and what we think of it.

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