2 April 2013

Just a rant from me

Grandmas shed was broken into last night. No big deal really. No sirens blaring, no forensics teams and no police dogs on the scene.

It's really bothered me though. I've only just found out about it and I'm feeling the need to vent my anger so I'm hijacking the blog to have a moan.

What makes people think they have the right to just take someone elses belongings? Things that people have worked damn hard for, things that people cherish, things that mean a lot. The people that break into houses or steal cars - what went wrong in their childhood or adult life to make them turn to this? How would they feel if their house was burgled? Or their mothers house?

They took a lot of Grandads decorating tools along with a few other things. Now, it may seem silly to get sentimental over these things but I feel a great attachment to them. Grandad touched these tools. He worked hard with them and was proud of what he created with them. They still had bits of grout, paint and dust on them from old jobs he did. Going into that shed was almost like being able to touch him or smell him.

I feel like this memory has been tainted in some way now. 

All so that some low lifes could make a few quid. How proud their parents must be!

Harry - it is never ok to steal. Taking something that isn't yours can hurt someone in a lot of ways. Whether it's dusty tools in a shed, a rubber in someone elses pencil case or a family heirloom in a fancy mansion.

Ok, rant over. I feel better already. Better prepare ourselves for a trip to Toys 'R' us to get Jess a new bike...

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