28 January 2013

It's such a perfect day

There is only one video you want to watch and sing along to at the moment. You want to watch it on the computer, on my phone and on my Kindle. You want to me to sing it with you when you're in the bath, going to bed and even walking down the street. Our neighbours must think we're mad. I think I am going mad. I even dream about this song because I've heard it so much

Your Uncle Tom and Auntie Claire got married in 2008, before you were even born. It was a wonderful day. Daddy was Toms best man, Mummy was Claires bridesmaid and Ellie was their beautiful flower girl. As a present and as a wonderful reminder of their special day, a video was made. It includes family and friends and a lot of love and laughter. You always say that Claire looks beautiful when we watch it. Tom however just looks nice. (Sorry Tom!) You like when James winks and when Grandma Gail really goes for it at the end. I like that bit too!

You insist on watching it at least three times a day. (Stephen - this is why the views on Youtube are steadily increasing. You have a very big fan!) I can't describe what it is or why it's so good so here it is:

And here is the embarrassing part of my post.... Your version! Enjoy!


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