9 June 2012

We're being invaded... toy soldiers*, in the bath, obviously. Apparently they were all dirty and needed to have a bath. I started to run your bath and you tipped them all in when I nipped upstairs to get your pyjamas. I'm just glad it wasn't anything electrical or valuable. It's very cute seeing you enjoying your toys like this. Not so enjoyable when Mummy steps on a toy soldier whilst in the shower. I swear it hurts more than stepping on a Lego.

(* Disclaimer: In no way to do I encourage or endorse the use of guns or fighting. The soldiers are characters from Toy Story, one of your favourite films. I doubt very much you even know what a gun is.) 

You have been chatting a lot recently. You come out with the funniest things. I need to write them here so that I remember them. Your Auntie Hannah used to come out with some funny things when she was little. I remember telling my friends about her but I just can't remember what she actually said. I don't want to forget your funny moments. There are three that stand out from the last week:

1.  You were pretending to speak to someone on the phone.
Me: Who are you talking to Harry?
You: Daddy
Me: Really? Do you know his number?
You: .... thirty four!
(Technically correct - he is indeed thirty four. Clever boy)

2. We bought Happy meals in the drive-thru and I told you to wait until we got to Grandmas house. Auntie Hannah started to eat hers.
You: NO HANNAH! Eat Grandmas house! HANNAH! (blows raspberry at her)

3. This morning, you wanted me to open the window in my bedroom but I wouldn't because it's very low and you could fall out.
You: Please Mummy! Help please! Heeeeeelp! I like help....

It's so exciting watching you learn to communicate with everyone around you. You spread laughter and happiness so easily. And the singing. Oh my lord, the singing! You are learning to sing faster than you are learning to talk. It is near enough in tune and in time which is amazing.

Favourite tunes at the moment:

We are young by Fun
Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson
Price tag by Jessie J
Daddy Call by Boney M  (This is completely Daddys fault!)
Sexy and i know it by LMFAO
The lazy song by Bruno Mars

You are also rocking a rather entertaining version of ABC that we found on YouTube. You do the most hilarious deep voice. I need to film you doing this one. Maybe I can use it as blackmail when you're older.

Don't ever stop singing Harry! 


Oh, and a pic to show off your new haircut. Every time the lady cut your hair, you said 'Ow' 

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