29 March 2012

Miracle recovery

Since Tuesday night, you have been poorly. You have had a fever and have been sick, all over Mummy I might add! At lunch time today, I was very close to rushing you back over to the Doctors because you were just inconsolable. You cried hysterically for an hour, fell asleep sitting up, and then cried for another hour when you woke up. I managed to convince you to have your medicine and half an hour later you were like a different child. That Calpol bottle really is Mummys best friend! You have turned a corner now and seem to be getting better.

Because you haven't eaten, Mummy offered you lots of yummy treats, like special ice-creams. This is one of the perks of being poorly.

Being in the garden automatically means bubbles to you. And we have plenty of them with our bubble machine.

And in continuing our theme of eating whatever you want after you've been poorly, we made Pink. Yes, that's right, Pink. ( It's what we call strawberry flavour Angel Delight! )

I've never known anyone make such a quick recovery after appearing so poorly. Mummy was very worried about you Harry but is very glad you are now on the mend.


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