17 February 2012


I never realised just how many numbers we come across everyday. Not until you were able to read numbers and now insist on pointing them out all the time. For example, a walk to the library means pointing out numbers on doors, wheelie bins, car number plates and buses. A five minute walk takes us fifteen, at least. God forbid we go to the supermarket. There are numbers all over the place! All you can hear from our trolley is 'four two! three zero!'

You've been able to count up to 30 for a couple of months now. Although, all of the teen numbers sound the same. (You always say the right amount though so I know you are thinking it correctly). You can read numbers up to twelve. You are barely two and you are reading numbers. You are so clever Harry and Mummy is so proud of you. What gets me is how you are so eager to find numbers anywhere we go, whatever we are doing. People may assume that because I am a teacher, I have sat you down and drummed it into to. But I honestly haven't. You WANT to learn. Even when we play on you magnetic drawing board and I ask you what you want me to draw. The answer is always 'umbers, pwease Mummy' I can beg you to let me draw something else, but you say no and get cross with me.

You read you numbers on your bedroom wall before I turn off your bedroom light and say goodnight. Sometimes, when your eyes have got used to the dark, I can hear you reading them to yourself again before you drift off to sleep.

I go to sleep singing the Numberjacks theme tune in my head because you have made me watch it TEN TIMES in one afternoon. Bloody numbers....

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