15 December 2011

Love to read

After you had gone to bed this evening, I picked up books from all over the downstairs of our house. There were books under the sofa, on the fireplace, on the table and even a little book that had been kicked under the fridge. You love to read. Well, I say read but mostly I mean you like to point at objects and shout their names. You can read numbers though, which is very clever for a little boy who isn't even two yet. You can read the numbers 1 to 5, even when Mummy tries to trick you by mixing them up.

You've got a new way of delaying bedtime now. I say it's time to go to bed and you ask, in the cutest voice, "one more?" and you bring me a book. It's hard to resist a request like that.

You have quite a few favourite books at the moment. Here are some of them:

- 'Thats not my Train' (and other titles in this series. Toddler Mummies and Daddies know exactly what I'm talking about)
- 'My Dad' by Anthony Browne (excellent illustrations to entertain Mummy)
- 'Toy Story' picture book (Driving Mummy crazy - I'll ellaborate further in a future post)
- My first words (Full of images of everyday objects which I have noticed are mostly from Ikea)

I hope you continue to love books as you get older. You'll be reading Daddy's copy of 'War and Peace' in no time!*

Mummy x

* Daddy may not own this particular book, nor does he intend to ever own it but, you know, you get my point

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