6 October 2011

Your city

What is Coventry famous for?
 Mainly for getting bombed in the Blitz, being rubbish at football and a naked woman that rode a horse a very long time ago.

Coventry is where you were born. It's where I was born. It's where your Mums side of her entire family is from.

I used to hate living in Cov. (You're only allowed to call it Cov if you actually live there or are from Coventry). That was until I moved away and missed it a lot. I hope you grow up to realise what a lovely city it really is. There is so much history to discover. We discover it at least once a week on our way home from your swimming lesson.

Here you are in our old Cathedral that was destroyed by incendary bombs during the Blitz. All you cared about was going up and down the stairs and clapping youself when you didn't fall over...

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