7 September 2011

Tummy aches and raincoats

I hate it when you are poorly. You can't tell me what hurts or how I can make you feel better. You cry like you're wondering why I'm not doing anything to help you.
Today we had a breakthrough. You lay on my lap, pointed to your tummy and said.... 'sore... sore...' in the saddest little voice I've ever heard.
If it wasn't so damn cute, I probably would've gotten your medicine a little bit quicker.

I finally got you a raincoat this week, after driving Grandma crazy, telling her what I did and didn't want you to wear. You are still little and can't argue about what I dress you in so I am making the most of that. You can tell me off when you are older and you see this picture. I think it looks amazing!

Mummy xxx

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